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Get Location of the IP Address

I wanted to share with all of you a free service that provides you an approximation of your user’s IP Address. You can read about it here: If you are looking for a more sophisticated solution that is maintained more o... [More]

Routing in ASP.NET 3.5 and 4.0

Routing was born with the creation of the MVC Framework. During the beta testing of the MVC framework people started asking for this feature to be included in so it could be used with web forms as well. The team listened and i... [More]

Installing Visual Studio 2010 Beta on a Virtual Machine

For the release of Visual Studio 2010 RC (Release Candidate), Microsoft provided us with a fully installed VPC (Virtual Machine) image. For some reason they did not do the same for the release of Beta 1. I guess they wanted people to go through the i... [More]

Reference svcmap specified argument was out of the range of valid values

WARNING: This worked for me and I’m not saying it is the right solution. Some cases may vary from mine. In my case this error occurs after deploying a WCF Service to IIS 6 which was referenced from Visual Studio 2008 with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and ... [More]

Installing IIS after the .NET Framework

I know that the .NET framework can have a lot of dependencies for certain features to work properly. For example in order to install ASP.NET correctly on a web server is to have IIS installed first, if not then a lot of scripts are not going to get e... [More]

SqlConnection: To Close or To Dispose?

A well written program will always clean up it’s resources and with SqlConnection is no different. We should always open, use, close. Some people are paranoid about it and would do something like this: 1: conn.Close(); 2: conn.Dispose();... [More]

SW Florida .NET Developer Group Presentation

I will be presenting the new ASP.NET Virtual Earth Live Control at the South West Florida .NET Developer Group on December, 18th 2008 (this upcoming Thursday). I will be demoing some of the features of the control. See you there!

ObservableDictionary Object

I was in need of an ObservableDictionary object for .NET 2.0 and there was no CLR object that met my requirements. All I needed was a Dictionary object that would notify me when a value was changed. I created a CodePlex project where you can download... [More]

Your Vote Counts - .NET Framework and the Browser's UserAgent String

Being an MVP made me realize that Microsoft really listens to their customers. Of course you don't need to be an MVP to be able to communicate with Microsoft regarding bugs or future enhancements. Anyone can use the Microsoft Connect site and to do s... [More]

Serializing Objects with Enums

Take into consideration the following entity: public class CompositeType { public bool BoolValue { get; set; } public string StringValue { get; set; } public EnumType VehicleType { get; set; } ... [More]