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Strong Typing a User Control with LoadControl()

We use the Page.LoadControl() method when we have the need to dynamically load User Controls into a page. If you look at the signature of the method the return type is of type System.Web.UI.Control, which is one of the base classes for all controls (... [More]

Unable to load DLL ‘Microsoft.VisualStudio.QualityTools.RecorderBarBHO90.dll’

I was trying to record a Web Test using Visual Studio Team System 2008 with Internet Explorer 8 on a Windows Vista 64 bit machine. After creating the Web Test IE was launching without the Web Test Recorder Explorer Bar. Going to View – Explorer Bars ... [More]

Internet Explorer 8 Released

Internet Explorer 8 has been released! If you want some of the new features: Accelarators Enhanced Navigation Increased Performance Better Favorites and History Management Instant Search Web Slices Safety and Security Go ahead... [More]

Reference svcmap specified argument was out of the range of valid values

WARNING: This worked for me and I’m not saying it is the right solution. Some cases may vary from mine. In my case this error occurs after deploying a WCF Service to IIS 6 which was referenced from Visual Studio 2008 with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and ... [More]

Installing IIS after the .NET Framework

I know that the .NET framework can have a lot of dependencies for certain features to work properly. For example in order to install ASP.NET correctly on a web server is to have IIS installed first, if not then a lot of scripts are not going to get e... [More]

SqlConnection: To Close or To Dispose?

A well written program will always clean up it’s resources and with SqlConnection is no different. We should always open, use, close. Some people are paranoid about it and would do something like this: 1: conn.Close(); 2: conn.Dispose();... [More]

Launching The ASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool (WSAT)

According to MSDN “The Web Site Administration Tool allows you to view and manage your Web site configuration through a simple Web interface.” This website also allows you to manage your users and roles if you are using the built in Membership and Ro... [More]

Microsoft, Where Do You Want To Go Tomorrow?

So I was browsing around trying to find more info on Routing and Remote Access Server and stumble against this very futuristic TechNet article: View image below for more info. I would like... [More]

2009 South Florida Code Camp – Downloads

The 2009 South Florida Code Camp was a blast (like always). We had 72 session from ~68 speakers and somewhere between 500 – 700 attendees (they are very hard to track). You can download my sessions (as well as other presentations from the ASPSOFT tea... [More]

Generic CreateRange Extension

I was in need of a CreateRange method, similar to the Enumerable.Range(1, 10), that return an Enumerable of Dates. Doing a search I stumble along this blog post, which contains a generic CreateRange method. I then went ahead and converted the code to... [More]